Exciting world in the past

The Castle Museum

As part of a guided tour, visitors can expect an excitingly designed exhibition with spacious showrooms.

Castle Museum Tour

All former manorial living rooms are furnished with antique furniture and works of art from the furniture depot at Rosenburg Castle. Furniture such as cabinets with inlays or solid chests and wardrobes are part of the exhibition.

The weapons room with exhibits from the private collection of the Hoyos family is also part of the castle museum tour. You will also be guided through the knight’s hall, the music room and the chapel, where sacred furniture and art objects are shown in the anteroom on the first and second floor.

The Falconry Museum
In the falconry museum the visitor gets a cross-section of the history of falconry. n addition to wonderfully preserved specimens of old garments, visitors will also see a series of preserved specimens of birds of prey.

Special Exhibition 2023

Gardens in the Middle Ages

The world of medieval gardens

Immerse yourself in the world of medieval gardens and their exciting use. Over the centuries, many different types of gardens have developed in Europe. The most well-known are the medieval monastery gardens and soon afterwards gardens were also created in castles. The gardens of Rosenburg were always enclosed by walls, a cultivated place in contrast to the wild forests of the Middle Ages. You can experience the history of the gardens and their healing effects, curated by the well-known art historian Dr. Alice Selinger.