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The Rosenburg gardens

Roses and romance

Romance and roses are the focal point in this connection. Four self-contained garden sections with four different themes invite visitors to enjoy the surroundings. They entice visitors into a world of tranquillity and contemplation. The ROSE WALL, the ROSE GARDEN and the DAVID AUSTIN Show Rose Garden are certainly impressive.

The Rose Wall

The oldest preserved Tilt Yard is one of the main attractions at Rosenburg. The climbing Rose Wall extends over a total length of 120 metres on the west side. The numerous flowers arouse the impression of an imposing Rose Wall in the blooming period. The cozy seating areas between the red sea of ​​flowers invite you to linger and the walkway along the rose wall leads the visitor into the romantic old rose garden.

The Old Rose Garden

A wonderful combination of romantic fragrant roses and a balanced undergrowth planting with shrubs and grasses has succeeded in the Old Rose Garden. The garden is located on a historic square that was used as a pleasure and promenade garden as early as the Renaissance.

This part of the garden, situated in the former castle moat, impresses through the natural charm of shrub roses and garden roses which are accompanied in a harmonious composition by classic rose companions such as lady’s mantle, geranium and catmint. A small fountain in the middle of the visual axis underscores the gentle atmosphere.

The Herbal Garden

The Herbal Garden, whose herbs are also still used in the Castle Tavern’s kitchen today, is located right in front of the entrance to the old castle kitchen. A water lily pond forms the centre of the Herbal Garden. In addition to classic kitchen herbs, special fragrant and medicinal herbs can also be found here. The planting is altered every year and attempts to show the broad range of the most varying local herbs.

The DAVID AUSTIN Show Rose Garden

Since March 2012 Rosenburg Castle has a Show Rose Garden that is completely dedicated to the rose breeding efforts of legendary British master breeder David Austin and has been laid out according to his concept. More than 500 English roses have been arranged in groups on the terraces here.

Varietal diversity and rarities
The long tradition of breeding by David Austin has brought forth a very great wealth of varieties. These differ in growth, blossom colour, blossom shape and naturally in fragrance. In addition to shrub and climbing roses, the legendary rambler roses are particularly popular and coveted among rose lovers. The rose rarities include bred-back roses which come very close to the age-old varieties from the Middle Ages in terms of appearance and fragrance.

History of the Rosenburg

The Rosenburg owes its name to the knight Gozwin de Rosenberg.

The legend says: 1000 years ago a knight named Gozwin lived on a rock in the Kamptal in today’s Waldviertel. For his glorious deeds, Gozwin was knighted by Leopold V in gratitude. He chose the name Gozwin de Rosenberg. The beautifully blooming wild roses on the Kamptal rocks inspired him to give the name.

A magnificent Renaissance garden was laid out on today’s viewing terrace until the beginning of the 20th century. The arrangement of the gardens at that time can be understood well on the old engraving.

In the course of the “Kamptal Gardens” initiative and the associated “Kamptal Gardens Festival” extensive adaptations were made in 2005. The most important innovations were the unique rose wall in the former tournament courtyard, the romantic, wild rose garden in the moat and the planting in front of the main gate.

Since then, the climbing rose wall has stretched out on the western side of Europe’s oldest surviving tournament courtyard over a total length of 120 metres. The Rosenburg climbing rose was specially bred for the Rosenburg gardens and when it blooms, the numerous flowers give the impression of an imposing wall of roses.

The Rosenburg climbing rose can also be purchased on site at the castle during the season.

A beautiful rose garden was also laid out in the moat. This is located at a historic place that was already used during the Renaissance era as a pleasure & promenade garden.

Since March 2012, Rosenburg Castle has had a show rose garden that is completely dedicated to the rose varieties of the legendary British master breeder David Austin and was created according to his concept. Such a garden is unique in Austria. More than 500 English roses have been arranged here in groups of three to five items of the same variety on the newly installed terraces.

In this way, large bushes emerge from the individual roses, which fully bring out the beauty of the unique and completely different rose blossoms. Whether the view is down the terraces from above or up from below, it is always a stunning sight. During the main bloom at the beginning of June, they show their full splendour and offer a unique fragrance experience.

Annual Rose Days have been a program highlight since 2015.

The Rosenburg is also a founding member of “Natur im Garten”, a follow-up initiative of the Kamptal Gardens. The “Schaugartentage”, which take place several times a year in cooperation with our partner “Natur im Garten”, are a popular and integral part of the events at Rosenburg. The focus is entirely on the roses and gardens, which represent a special inspiration for garden and rose lovers to design their own garden. All of the specifications and quality criteria of “Natur im Garten” are implemented with pleasure at Rosenburg castle.