General Terms and Conditions of Business and Use of the Internet Platform “Webshop Renaissanceschloss Rosenburg”.

1. general
These General Terms and Conditions apply to e-ticketing contracts concluded via the internet platform of the Renaissance Castle Rosenburg, represented by Mr. Dipl. Ing. Markus Hoyos, (hereinafter referred to as “Schloss Rosenburg”) with end consumers (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”).
Schloss Rosenburg provides a platform where customers can purchase tickets online for events and Rosenburg Castle tours. In this case, several e-tickets can be purchased in the course of one order process; in this case, the following provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis to all e-tickets.
The contract for the purchase of a ticket is concluded directly between Rosenburg Castle and the customer.
By clicking the “continue” button, the customer makes an offer to Schloss Rosenburg to conclude an e-ticketing contract. This offer is accepted by sending a confirmation email, which includes a link to the printable e-ticket. This concludes the e-ticketing contract. The handover takes place at the customer’s premises by printing out the ordered e-ticket. The e-ticket can also be printed out from the Internet browser at the end of the ordering process. The customer bears sole responsibility for a complete and legible printout of the e-ticket.
The e-tickets are valid only for the tour or event dates or tour periods specified in the course of ticket purchase. In the event that specific dates are available for selection, the customer can select the desired dates from the respective available date offers when ordering tickets. A postponement is no longer possible after the conclusion of the contract.
The e-ticket can only be redeemed on the selected date (date, period if applicable) or within the respective redemption period of the e-ticket. Late redemption is not possible – the e-ticket becomes invalid in this case.
In order to use the booked service (sightseeing, tour, event, etc.), the Customer must present a printout of his/her e-ticket before the start of the service. The e-ticket is validated in accordance with the technical arrangements (e.g. turnstiles, electronic or manual validation by supervisory staff) of the respective operator. In the case of tickets that entitle the holder to use several services at the same time (combination tickets), validation is performed according to the access to the respective services. The principle of first access applies, i.e. once the e-ticket has been validated in the course of the first access to a service, no further access to the same service can be granted with the same e-ticket (this does not affect access to services for which the ticket has not yet been validated in the case of combination tickets). Invalid or already validated tickets do not entitle the holder to use the booked service.
The customer is not entitled to make multiple printouts of the same e-ticket or to duplicate, reproduce or forward the e-ticket in any form whatsoever. The customer must keep his e-ticket carefully in order to avoid misuse.
By using the e-ticket, the customer also accepts the house rules of Rosenburg Castle.
The services offered via Schloss Rosenburg are leisure services within the meaning of Section 5 c (4) (2) of the Consumer Protection Act (KSchG), which are provided at a specific time or within a precisely specified period of time. The customer therefore has no right of withdrawal (§ 5f Z 7 KSchG).
By clicking on the declaration “I have read and agree to the GTC”, the customer acknowledges the validity of these General Terms and Conditions of Rosenburg Castle, which are made available to the customer with a separate link directly at the declaration “I have read and agree to the GTC” before conclusion of the contract. The Rosenburg Castle contracts only to these valid ABG’s.
2. payment
Payment for the e-tickets ordered is made via Wirecard’s e-payment module. Various credit cards and instant bank transfer are accepted. Other payment methods are not possible.
Should a payment be charged back before the start of the tour, the e-ticket will lose its validity.
3. prices
All prices listed in the e-ticketing system are Euro prices incl. VAT
In case of claiming reduced prices, for example for children’s tickets, the legitimation for the discount has to be made before the beginning of the visit.
4. service disruptions and liability
Schloss Rosenburg is not liable to the customer for damages resulting from unauthorized duplication or misuse of his e-ticket, unless Schloss Rosenburg has caused this damage at least by gross negligence.
Schloss Rosenburg is not responsible for any problems with the printing of the e-ticket by the customer. Likewise, Schloss Rosenburg is not responsible for the correctness and functionality of the email address provided by the customer or any problems resulting from an incorrectly provided or non-functioning email address.
Schloss Rosenburg is liable for delay or impossibility of the booked service.
5. data protection
Schloss Rosenburg uses a secure transmission method (SSL) for the transmission of customer data. This is to achieve the highest possible safety standard. Nevertheless, Schloss Rosenburg cannot accept any responsibility for attacks by hackers.
The data provided by the customer in the course of concluding the e-ticketing contract (email address, booked service) will be collected, processed and used electronically by Schloss Rosenburg for the purpose of processing the contract.
6. website usage
Schloss Rosenburg allows the customer to use its websites for the purpose of purchasing e-tickets. The customer is not permitted to reproduce any content of the Schloss Rosenburg websites, to make it publicly available or to exploit it in any other way.
Schloss Rosenburg is not responsible for websites to which there are links from Schloss Rosenburg websites.
Schloss Rosenburg does not warrant that the operation of its website will be uninterrupted or error-free. Schloss Rosenburg will make every reasonable technical effort to keep the operation of its website free from errors and interruptions. However, Schloss Rosenburg is not liable for the fact that it is possible to order e-tickets via the website at any time. Schloss Rosenburg is entitled to take the website temporarily offline or to restrict its services in other ways, if this is necessary for reasons of security or to implement technical measures (in particular maintenance work).
Schloss Rosenburg cannot guarantee that the website is free of viruses or other disruptive pathogens. Schloss Rosenburg is liable for damages resulting from malfunctions, viruses, errors and interruptions only if Schloss Rosenburg caused the malfunction, virus attack, error or interruption intentionally or through gross negligence.
7. other provisions
The invalidity of individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.
Written declarations (in particular the confirmation email with the e-ticket) are deemed to have been received when they are sent to the last email address provided by the customer.
Only written agreements are valid. The amendment of the General Terms and Conditions also requires the written form. This also applies to a waiver of the written form requirement. Verbal agreements have no legal binding force.
Austrian law shall apply to this contractual relationship.
Status: November 2017