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UNESCO World Heritage Site

Historical Falconry

Historical Falconry has been a part of the intangible UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012.
The ancient tradition of falconry is still lived at Rosenburg Castle. The Falconry Centre at Rosenburg Castle has endeavoured for years to preserve this ancient tradition, in which the flying skills of these majestic birds can be experienced at first hand during the untethered flight demonstrations that take place.

Falconry demonstrations

During an exclusive bird of prey demonstration in historical garments you will experience the ease of flying and encounter the “king of the skies”. Even in the oldest testimonials of our time the eagle is regarded as a “soul bird” – to encounter it augurs good luck.

In addition to general bird of prey knowledge, breeding and the presentation of historical falconry during the untethered flight demonstrations have been the main emphases of the work at the Rosenburg since 1987.

In the course of the demonstration our visitors will learn more about the historical development of falconry, about various breeding programmes for preservation of species diversity and naturally also about the natural behaviours and habitats of various birds of Prey.

Sustainable hunting Tradition

Falconry will be presented in the context of historical usages and traditions. Historical falconry is therefore a mouthpiece of dedicated public relations, the respect for birds of prey, for the preservation and recreation of habitats and for falconry as a sustainable type of hunting. Extracts from the falconry work in Renaissance costumes and historical ambience will be exhibited at Renaissance Schloss Rosenburg.

In addition to this, a visit to the Falconry Museum at Schloss Rosenburg is recommended.

Bird of prey demonstration
„Historcal falconry“
Always at 11 am & 3 pm; Duration: approx. 40 minutes
The work with falcons, eagles and other large birds of prey.

The unique interaction of birds of prey, horses and hunting dogs

Special demonstrations of Falconry on Horseback

n the course of special demonstrations of “Falconry on Horseback”, visitors have the opportunity to experience at first hand the unique interaction of birds of prey, horses and hunting dogs in the unparalleled ambience of Rosenburg Castle. The falconers in historical costumes provide an authentic insight into falconry in the Renaissance era, a time of the absolute heyday of European falconry.


History of falconry

The German word for falconry (as well as hawking), “Beizjagd”, is derived from the German “beißen” (“to bite”), which alludes to the falcon’s bite into the neck of its prey. It also serves as a generic term for hunting with trained goshawks, sparrow hawks ans well as golden eagles and hawk eagles. Already practiced in China since the 7th century BC and particularly cultivated in Europe by the so-called “Falcon Emperor” Frederick II (1194-1250 AD), hunting with a bird of prey is a human cultural asset that is thousands of years old.
Hunting with special knowledge and high ability to empathise are called for with falconry. Hunting in a team comprised of falcon/hawk, hunting dog and hunter yields numerically less hunting success. On the contrary, the ideal experience is a central theme for the falconer, since he or she is a modest hunter.

Bird of prey knowledge

After the development of firearms, the bird of prey became uninteresting for prey hunting and was merely considered as a food competitor and chased. With the industrialisation of agriculture in the 20th century, natural areas were destroyed on a large scale, and as the last link in the food chain, birds of prey fell victim to the pesticides utilised (e.g. DDT) through poisoning and softening of eggshells. This made an intensive notification of the general public necessary in order to prevent further extinction of species. Thanks to renaturation measures, intensive support work through the various bird conservation organisations and successes with offspring by falconers, stable populations have been established with some species (peregrine falcon, sea eagle, barn owl) today.

Falconry competence centre

Breeding and research, preserving ancient knowledge

The Falconry Centre’s specialist staff, which consists of professional falconers, ornithologists, biologists and foresters, find ideal conditions for the observation and keeping of birds of prey in the private research facility. Specialists work with natural breeding as well as with the breeding laboratory. Lagger, lanner, peregrine, saker and gyrfalcons are bred pure at the Rosenburg. But a specialisation for breeding sea eagles and golden eagles has emerged in recent years.

Experience packages for interested visitors

Experience falconry

Under this motto the falconers at Rosenburg Castle offer a series of experiences regarding their work with the birds of prey.

  • Experience a Falconer’s Day
  • Plunge into falconry
  • Photography Workshop
  • Tour behind the scenes
  • Photo point: a photo with a bird of prey
  • Birthday party with birds of prey at the Rosenburg

In addition, the following courses are offered:

  • Practical course in basic falconry
  • Orientation course in falconry

With a sponsorship of a bird of prey you support the efforts of falconers at Rosenburg Castle and ensure the preservation of falconry.

→ All information can be found on the page of the Garaj falconry.